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Viktor Maruen



My name is Viktor Mauren Rekdal. One of the co-founders of North Atlantic Pictures. I'm a cinematographer and a photographer for North Atlantic Pictures and my goals are to create fantastic images that create moments and feelings people will remember. I have many years of experience with camera, editing, drone and so much more.

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Torgeir Rørvik



My name is Torgeir Rørvik. With over 5 years of experience in photography, film, and design I have worked myself up to a wide knowledge within these three fields. When I photograph I bring with me knowledge from all areas, and I work for a high-quality result. The composition is always in focus, and I'm focused on every frame in every shot. I have specialized myself within fashion, product and concert photography, and still working on new trends that emerge.


Matt Sheridan

London based

Associated Producer

My name is Matt Sheridan, I'm a London based Director, Producer with credits on independent horror films and script development across all genres. I'm experienced at all levels working on short film, corporate films and adverts as well as feature-length documentaries and films.

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Andy (Andreas) Johansen

Chief Executive Officer/Founder


My name is Andreas Sulebakk Johansen. I'm the founder of North Atlantic Pictures. I have several years of experience in editing, visual effects, directing and acting. From a young age I have been fascinated by films. I'm well known to think big, and I'm focused on bringing important stories to life in a visually stunning way.



NO: +4791555487

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